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[Walrus] Contest FAQ - Anyone can play or vote
The Walrus Contest FAQ : Updated: 2010-29-05
This is the FAQ for the alt.binaries.pictures.wallpaper Usenet newsgroup Weekly Wallpaper Contest.
Again, welcome back all contestants and lurkers as well!
It matters not if you are a lurker, 1st time collector of really great Wallpapers, graphics student, or Pro graphics designer, consider getting involved in this great past time/hobby and make it a time to remember for yourself and experience what you have been missing.......

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Walrus Island

How to get involved?
#1: read our FAQ :-)
and start with this short summary
in the images on the left:

From FAQ
From FAQ
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From FAQ

Table of Content

1. Just what the heck does Walrus stand for?
1.1. What mastermind created this?
2. The Weekly Timeframe
3. The Source Image
3.1. Where can I find the Source Image?
3.2. Who posts the Source Image?
3.3. What guidelines are there for the Source Image?
4. Creating & Submitting a Wallpaper Entry

Addenum#1: Computer Graphics Full Screen Resolutions

useful too:
Help! I'm first time Big Walrus of the week

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