1. Just what the heck does Walrus stand for?

Walrus stands for "Wallpaper Gurus". People all over the world scan and tinker with images on their computers everyday, for the simple viewing pleasure of others and personal satisfaction. Most of these images are not within any size standardization and could range from very small to very large. But there's a special breed of us who specialize in computer desktop background images, more commonly referred to as "Wallpaper". A wallpaper has a set of select standardized size formats that correspond with common computer monitor resolution sets, such as 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, etc. If you have found yourself reading this FAQ, you probably already know all of this stuff because this FAQ is posted in the alt.binaries.pictures.wallpaper newsgroup.

Within this newsgroup, you will find numerous posters who can be termed a "Wallpaper Guru". Within this group is a weekly contest to find out who is the Supreme Wallpaper Guru (at least for the next week). The person who's wallpaper submission for that week's contest that gets the most votes becomes the Big Walrus* for the next week. This is not to say that the people who do not submit an entry for the contest are any lesser skilled than those who do. The group is meeting place for many, many Wallpaper Gurus and a few of them choose to participate this little contest every week.

*(Jer Ed: Up until the initial creation of this FAQ (9/27/2002), no one has actually used the term "Big Walrus"; but I'm hoping it will catch on.)
(Jer Ed: as of 12/15/02, it has been used sporadically, but certainly hasn't yet "caught on" to the disappointment of this editor;
who will be renewing his fight to ensure that each week's winner will be called a, or the, Big Walrus, by at least a few participants each week. Get with the program, people.)

(Dönjön Ed: I'm onboard. This rewrite now includes Big Walrus throughout the document. Also, coined is the plural form of Walrus - Walrii.)

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