3.3. What guidelines are there for the Source Image?

The Source Image should be large, very large if possible, simply because it's easier to work with and manipulate a large image than a small one.  If you happen to win one week and then post a small Source Image to use for the next week, we will all taunt you, make funny faces at you and be generally grumpy about the bad picture we have to try to use.

The actual dimensions of your Source Image don't matter.  In other words, it doesn't have to be wallpaper sized.

As far as what subject matter is appropriate for the Source Image; nothing definite has ever been discussed.  So anything that tickles your fancy can be used.  If you have a particular subject matter that you are fond of… post that.  Holiday time is a good time for holiday pictures.

So far, no bans have been placed as to what the Source Image cannot consist of, but please use some common sense.  Inflammatory subject matter will be just that.

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