1.1. What mastermind created this?

Panama Red thought up the concept and original set of rules. He came to us on August 24th, 2002 and posted the following:

"Subject: **PING** <> - An Idea
I kinda got this idea when Pete Zha posted a pic of Tammy Cochran and asked for the "Wallpaper Gurus" to create a wall from it. There were some good walls created and posted just from that one pic. And I thought it was cool that so many took the time to do them for him.

I propose we take a random photo each week and everyone from the group creates a wall. Then at the end of the week we can choose a wall as the "Wall of the Week" and at the end of the year we can have a newsletter type Walrus Awards for the participants. (Walrus = WALLpaper + guRUS)

Dunno, probably doesn't sound as cool as it did in my head. But then, my head is a very scary place and I was stoopid stoned at the time.


He got many positive responses and some funny jibes about the "stooped stoned" comment.

Utheman was the first to suggest that the previous weeks winner would then post the Source Image for the next week. Mikey was the first to suggest or ask that people tell what programs they use to create their walls. ben wheeler asked if non-participants could vote. Pan agreed to all these suggestions.

Pan posted the first Source Image - a pic of Leslie Bibb. The inaugural participants in the first weekly contest were Panama Red, Monkey Oracle, Utheman and Dönjön. Utheman was voted the first Big Walrus.

Since that time and while the contest has ran, other ideas and suggestions have been brought up and those that have been adopted are outlined here in this FAQ.

Jeepjerultra© (Jer Wilcoxen) created this Walrus Contest FAQ and maintained it from 9/27/2002 to 12/15/2002. He used Panama Red's original rules and other people's suggestions for this FAQ.

Dönjön submitted a rewrite to Heretic and the group on 12/23/2002.
Heretic maintained the FAQ from 12/23/2002 to 3/1/2003.
Dönjön is the current maintainer of this FAQ.
Angel(TM) hosts a website that serves as the contest's archive and also provides thumbnails of the current weeks entries.
Evil Sideshow Bob hosted a website for all of us to use from week #?? until week #58 in which he thumb nailed and made available all the current week's entries. This was a great contribution.
Wolf makes available a PDF formatted version of this document, which he posts to the group shortly after this is posted on Mondays.
Shamari hosts a website that has just the weekly winning walls along with the number of times those entrants have won.
JDa makes available a HTML formatted version of this document, which he trys to posts to the group using the same time frame Dönjön and Wolf use.
Dönjön created a short, rules only version of this FAQ on 10/30/2003 which is hosted on Angel's website.

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