WW452 how Hopfnkopf created his entry

the source:
From WW452

how Hopfnkopf worked:
My original idea was to have a series of narrow, strictly vertical, "glimpses" of hand-holding, or hands doing something interesting, tobe called "Slices of Life". All would have stretched from the top to the bottom of the screen, perhaps a dozen or more, certainly less than twenty.

As I looked for source images, I stumbled across "handfasting" (a substitute or an augmentation for a wedding); and found several nice images. But I had to abandon the idea of verticals, and found a pleasant scene to form a backdrop for a few dream-like vignettes featuring only hands, most of them from handfasting ceremonies. I sneaked in a page from a "witch"-book, to hint at the theme, if one were actually able to read the title on the page.

the parts:
I am posting a parts page, showing everything except the background scene and textures. See? --the source really *is* in there:
From !!!year09

I'm also posting the background scene:
From !!!year09

and the witchbook as separate walls, both exactly as found:
From !!!year09

the result:
From WW452

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