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the source:
From WW452

how Nordlark worked:
After the newlyweds had experienced a week of strange and wondrous and sometimes disturbing visions, the fortune-teller assured them that their future looked bright.

Those fingers started out as the man's fingers, which I thinned out and added some wrinkles to. It's hard to tell what I did, though, since the fingers are
mostly hidden in shadow.

The idea came from doing some mirroring of parts of the dress, and the cape or cloak -- or whatever that costume is! -- popped right out. It even had a sort of face in the right spot, which I was contemplating turning into an alien of some sort, until the fortune-teller idea came to mind.

What might look like a backdrop is simply a U-shaped "frame" that I made at the last minute. I picked up the dress color with a dropper to make the frame in red (with a feathering of something like 50-pixels) then made a second layer of that, and ran it through the "Render: Difference Clouds" filter, then played with the darkness and opacity of those two layers.

I think Osca and 4th have been my biggest influences for making something completely new out of a Source, although my imagination doesn't even come CLOSE to what they've both been able to create from a few random pixels!

Even though I tend to pick apart the Sources, I do try not to stray TOO from the theme of the Source -- but sometimes, like this week, it just isn't possible. Getting the ideas is by far the biggest delay for me, so when I finally DO get an idea, I can't quibble too much with my muse about whether it reflects the spirit of the Source. Besides, he gets kinda surly when I do. LOL

the result:
From WW452

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