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Ok, so this entry started off quite innocently.

Looking at the source, I was thinking of the many tornadoes they have had in the US recently and how would this building would fare being built of brick and all. I also happened to be bowling last weekend after many many years and the ball throws the pins around ever so easily.

So I cut out the silo and shaped it like a bowling pin. Got some scratchy texture to make the pins looking as if they have been used. The bowling ball was also made out of the silo using a sphere tool. with the finger holes cut out from another bowling ball image. Lastly a wood texture warped with a perspective tool. The hardest thing was the shading and the reflections - that took me all of the last two and a bit hours. Finally a water texture with a soft light filter and barely any opacity to kind of blend everything together.

And then just to top everything off when I tried to save Paint Shop froze. Of course I have had it on since Monday so there would be no wonder if the hours of work just went down the gurgler. Why do I do this to my self? Not that it hasn't happened before. Some lessons just keep coming back if we don't learn in the first place.

Anyway, after some heart pounding minutes, Paint Shop miraculously recovered and I was able to save and close without losing anything. Whew!
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