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Since I didn't know where to put the barn other than in another farm, I decided to try and make something different with it. Seems I wound up with a Pattern WP for this week.

All Source. So no Parts WP this week - but take a look at in progress below.

Cut the barn off just below the window line, duped eight of them and mirrored or flipped them around to form a Fencepost Cross, I guess you could call it. Cut away the barn right where it joins across the top of its silo to join all eight barns into one cross. Used a 10-pixel featheredge when cutting out the edges on one barn wherever two barns joined, so I could blend them together better and not leave a visible seam. I also had to tweak one barn a bit with the Distortion tool so that the barns would align correctly when I blended them together along the window line.

Copy merged, paste as new layer, and we have the fencepost cross.

Wanded out the sky, Colorized the Cross to gold, then played around by clicking on the Randomizer button of the Kaleidosope effect to make two kaleidoscopic patterns; played around for an hour or two by clicking on the Randomizer button of the Enamel effect on one of the two kaleidoscope patterns and saving a dozen results, then picking one I liked best.

Made a Rainbow Gradient Canvas with the Flood Fill tool.

Laid the chosen Enameled Kaleidoscopic pattern on the Canvas and after trying all the layer blends, settled for Hard Light.

Laid the star-like Kaleidoscopic pattern atop the Enameled pattern and again found that the Hard Light layer-blend yielded the best (most brilliantly colorful) results.

Clipped out a strip of corn plants with a 25-pixel featheredge, laid it along the bottom of the WP, layer-blended it once again with Hard Light, then Flipped a duplicate of it to the top of the WP -- to form a frame.

WP Process, in sequence; it might help to show you the various layers, how they were made, and how they layer-blend together in what order -- as an illustrative aid to my write-up.
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the result:
From WW457

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