WW451 how Fred of Dee created his entries

the source:
From WW451

how Fred of Dee worked:
Thought I'd make Draconis a nice Walrus studio for her birthday.
Yeppir, here there be dragons!
Short on time, its construction is so simple that I'm going to skip a write-up this time around, save to mention that
-- All images except the framed Dragon's Lair image were layer- blended: Lighten or Screen on the Fire Dragonheads, Logo and Thumb-sheet (after "repainting" the wall under it), and Luminance on the Dragon's Breath door panel at the far end, stuff like that.
-- the Draconis Sig was treated to a color gradient canvas, wanded out around the Source silhouette, then layer-blended into the wall.
-- the pink in the "No Pink Please" symbol was selected to colorize it to the gaudiest, hottest magenta-red pink I could find (I love to tease), then fully saturated and brightened a bit. Then it was duped and both were fitted in along with the rest of the recessed ceiling lamps as seen. Just change the bulbs if the color is too much
I'm going to skip the Parts sheet too, because I have an extreme studio version of this WP for a non-entry, and so I'll post the two together...let's just say I switched off lotsa layers to K.I.S.S.

the parts:
From !!!year09
From !!!year09

the results:
From WW451
From WW451

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