Happy Birthday Draconis!!!

If you ask these questions:

Who has been entering the Weekly Walrus Contest since WW36?
Who has created over 400 entries since then?
Who has not missed entering in a single week since WW158?
Who consistently has the most visited entry-threads every week?
Who is a generous patron to the Weekly Walrus websites?
Who is a co-administrator of two Weekly Walrus Walrus websites?
Who has an exceptional and witty sense of humor?
Whose entries do we all look forward to for their unique perspective?
Who is equally adept at offering an honest critique and a kind word?
Who is indisputably our favorite Walrus of all time?!
Who has a birthday this week, on the 16th (the 15th for many of us)?

...the answer to all of these questions is of course --- Draconis! As
Big Walrus of this week, I hereby declare WW451 to be "Draconis
Appreciation Week", and invite everyone to join me in saluting our
dear friend and Walrus Extraordinaire! :)

Use any or all parts of the Source to create your wallpaper, as long as
it is recognizable in your entry. Have fun! (But, in keeping with
June's color preferences, please keep the pink to a minimum!) ;)


From WW451

Happy Birthday Draconis!!!

From !!!year09
From !!!year09
From !!!year09
From !!!year09

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