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how FredOfDee worked:
...plus Non-entry 3-b of 3. I like this the best of my three non's.

This size fits the external display that came with my Dell, in which case this one's for anyone else who has the same screen ratio as moi aussi (me too).

The 3 backdrops (layer-blended) had to be resized, then the display case rearranged and resized as a merged unit, to fit this narrower size. Oh, bother.

I also did less shadowing on the China pieces in the display case than I did on them in the other wider-screen entry. That's partly because I learned a little more about drop-shadowing this week:
DON'T Shadow a Doggone Thing until ALL the pieces are in place. Only Then ought I...

  1. Save my work under a new filename
  2. Turn off all layers that are NOT part of the display case and its parts, such as background layers, so that ONLY the display case and its parts are visible
  3. Copy Merged, (optionally paste it as a new image so that I don't lose the Copy)
  4. Delete all the layers that I just copied as a single unit
  5. Turn all the other layers back on, such as background layers
  6. Paste the Copy-Merged image as a New Layer, and...
  7. THEN I can shadow the whole thing as a single unit.

One more thing: if I'm going to make an entry for a screen wider than mine, make sure all its parts will still fit my narrower screen size's image. Otherwise, I would've had to resize the whole assembly as a unit and wind up with egg-shaped dishes. As it was, I had to downsize the merged image just a bit to (barely) fit my narrower screen size.

Hmmm, I think I'd better save these notes for future use. Order of Operations and Double-Checks do matter, sometimes.
Feel free to save them too if you 'ld like to learn from my mistakes and spare yourself needless perplexities.

Otherwise: Enjoy (I hope).:
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the result:
From WW448

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