WW448 how FredOfDee created his entry

the source:
From WW448

how FredOfDee worked:
A simple entry. One lounge, with its rock recesses cut out to let the city view show through.

One Fantasy painting, framed, to cover the unsightly gray door, and cropped around the bottom where it meets the sofa -- so that it looks like it's behind said sofa, of course.

One City at Night image, picked up from an APBW poster, to fill the cutaway areas of the lounge.

One of the flowering branch Sources, along with the caterpillar shrunk to an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny [yellow polka-dot bikini] size, plus both moths. Branch and moths were Multiply layer-blended into the scene:
From !!!year09

the screenshot shows its layers:
From !!!year09

the result:
From WW448

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