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how FredOfDee worked:
So, on PSP-X2, I used Art Media Effects = Brush Strokes (choosing "Speckles" over "Sticks" for the brush effect) and twiddled its other adjustments upon the phone, after cleaning it up a bit first. Even the bent crank-handle is trued up: all I did was cut it off, rotate it a bit, and stick it back on. ..... I was tempted to make a pair of googly eyes or boobie prizes from the bells, though; would those contacts above the mouthpiece ever make good dental braces or what, let alone the handpiece for a nose...rural areas actually used these phones back in the mid-50's.

I Googled up the other photos, including the floorboards and the wall mural with the framed photo of the Laugh-In crew hanging on it (framed using PSP picture frames, of course).

From there, it was a simple matter of cleaning up the photos and adjusting their lighting and such to build some semblance of a montage. Since Ernestine and her off-white backdrop is Multiply Layer-blended against her mural backdrop, there's a black mask cut out around her, her chair, and part of her switchboard, which I then negative'd to a white mask to make the layer blend work properly to banish her off-white backdrop and yet keep Ernestine or her chair from fading out as well.

It's an idea that hit me to experiment with an alternative to cutting her out and making mistakes in so doing -- because I can always repair the picture's mask more easily than I can the original icture...can't I?

Otherwise, the wall mural is Overlay layer-blended against a light brown gradient canvas, and the floorboard is Difference layer-blended over those:
From !!!year09

the screenshot shows its layers, except for the title & sig layers at the top:
From !!!year09

the result:
From WW447

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