Tutorial by Osca how he created his WW678-entry

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Fun source BW.

Started by cutting out the cone from the source and softening the edges.

Found an appropriate spaceship - a scientific exploratory vessel, the USCSS (United States Commercial Star Ship) 'Prometheus' and added the Egyptian Pyramids to create a new background.

Took the darkest colour from the source and made a solid layer at 90%+ opacity to hide the ship.

Then added the cones of light in various opacities and colours.

To light the ship up I erased parts of the dark layer underneath the light cones to reveal parts of the ship.

On a clear layer, I added the lights so I could soften them independently.

A streaky texture over everything.

Tried various angles, but aligned with the ship worked the best.

Little more fiddling, lighting and erasing and here we are.

The 'Prometheus' leaving the Cairo home port and heading to the Orion belt (of course) with a secret cargo of spices from the Orient. As with Earth's early history, spices ruled the trade routes when Human colonisation of space truly begun and although most races found the human smell rather odd, Earth's outer spiral isolation and unique flora meant Earth's fragrances and spices were sought after across the universe.

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