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FINAL TALLY ( 17 votes cast ):
BW-kelly: Since I coin flipped before to cast a vote, I used 7 other coins to determine the winner (I always flip two quarters, dimes and nickels, with one penny, into the air all at once, and let them land and bounce where they will - for consistency, I do it alphabetically - heads is the first name in the alphabet, tails the latter, and I use the artist name, not the real name even if I know it). By a vote of 6 - 1, Nordlark won this coin flip, so she will be BW of week 479. Apologies to Del for his equally worthy design.

7 Nordlark ( Draconis, osca, Leeni, YL, Del, Sj + kelly as tiebreaker )

6 Del ( FredOfDee, Tony, Mr. Giggles, Roman, Nordlark, kelly )

3 YL ( Ralph D., NBD, Nitro )
1 NBD ( Squidhere2 )

From WW478
From WW478

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