WW453 how Fred of Dee created his entry

the source:
From WW453

how Fred of Dee worked:
First, I split the Source boots up and positioned them to frame the WP on both sides.
Then I selected out two copies of Marisa Miller on her Harley:
- one with a rectangular 25-pixel feather-edge,
- another with a low-tolerance, 2-pixel feather-edge Wand-out.
Then I selected:
- a partial copy of the WP title,
- Marisa's name,
from that same image.
Next I took two identical copies of the Fire texture (upper-right side of it).
The Tron image I cut out Point-to-Point, with 2-pixel feather-edge, Anti-Aliased.
The PSP7 Photoedge frame comes from my external HDD archives.

Assembly, bottom up:
Layer 01: Black Canvas
Layer 02: Marisa Miller on Motorcycle - Layer-blending: Normal (i.e., none)
Layer 03: Motorcycle Model Title ("...Supermodel...") - Layer-blending: Lighten
Layer 04: Marisa Miller Nameplate (behind the gas tank) - Layer-blending: Screen
Layer 05: PSP7 Photoedge 2, colored by Flood tool - Layer-blending: Hard Light
Layer 06: Title - Layer-blending: Luminance [Legacy]
Layer 07: FireWall 1 - Layer-blending: Screen
Layer 08: Tron (Legacy) - Layer-blending: Hard Light
Layer 09: FireWall 2 - Layer-blending: Soft Light
Layer 10: Marisa Miller on Motorcycle Wand-out - Layer-blending: Screen
Layer 11: WW453 Source - Spanish Boots (?) - Layer-blending: Normal
Layer 12: Sig - Layer-blending: Luminance [Legacy]

It took duplicate layers of both Marisa and the FireWall to help "enliven" color and detail which otherwise faded out of view or looked drab. It also tool a lot of hits of High/Mid/Shadow and Bright/Contrast, along with Layer Opacity twiddling (in my Layer Palette) to adjust those qualities to my liking (including Sig and Title layers).

I wasn't all that happy with the result

...until I orange-colorized and then de-saturated that colorizing on the WW453 Boots, after applying a diffuse-faint-red Eye Candy Gradient Glow along their edges.

...and then decided to clip out the Tron rider and put it where it's just a'Bootin' It away from the left WW453 Boot, fine-tuning it with Gaussian Blur, Bright/Contrast, layer blend, plus a 200-pixel long, faint, Eye Candy 4000 Motion Trail streaming left off the rider's back.

...and then tried that PSP7 PhotoEdge frame once again and used it (Mirrored and Flipped) to sort of fire up the upper and lower bands that I'd darkened to help the WW453 Boots complete a picture frame.

...and then once I thought to try out a bright red 2-pixel "pinstripe" border all around it (MUST Undo when done because it flattens all layers into just one), and looked at it full screen...

*Now* I'm happy with it. Let's go with this one.

the parts used:
From !!!year09

the result:
From WW453

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