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how Fred of Dee worked:
The good news is that Google did find me some ducklings of the same breed as those of the Source; so I settled for those.

With that, after trying my best to cut out the ducklings which just didn't work well for me, I decided to play around with the Smudge tool, something I'd never tried before. Hey, I felt like I was 8-10 years old once again and playing with finger painting...so *that's* what it does!

So I found I could deal quite happily with the background in the Source image by smudging it. Applied a Makeover tool to a few red blemishes on the Poor BW's hands so that they look as clear-skinned as a retouched supermodel. Then I cropped it, applied a PSP White Picture Frame to it, feather-edge selected it, copy-merged it, pasted it, and Difference-layer-blended it over a couple of Osca Textures (Printers'Ink Can is Screen-layer-blended, Lemon Fungus is Overlay-layer-blended) set against a Cyan Gradient Canvas -- to mimic water along a tropical ocean shore...I think.

The Google ducklings got a bit of cleanup along the edge of the concrete and around one duckling's shadow (on the far left). Then I simply "Daguerrio"-framed it and set it in the WP as seen.

It took another day or so to think of and Google for the Warner Bros. cartoon characters we all grew up with -- and then decide which ones to use; I settled on these ones (Draconis apparently *has* gotten through to me about excessive WP clutter).
I hope BW NBD doesn't mind the new tattoo on his hand.

The last item I thought of just today: I found an old ABAmp Walrus scan in my collection (Win7 Explorer "Walrus" Search to the rescue); so one of the ducklings is daydreaming of joining the Walri. The thought bubble is a PSP pre-fab with its thought-dots erased; I opted for making my own dots because both they and the bubble can be manipulated and positioned independently of each other.
With that, I simply flood-filled the bubble and dots with cyan, then Burn-layer-blended them into the lake-water backdrop.
Since we've most all made a Walrus Photo of ourselves, I'll skip that how-to.

I think that's everything; add title, sig, and post.

the parts:
From !!!year09

the layers:
From !!!year09

the result:
From WW450

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