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BW Neon Vincent's comments on this week's source and last week:
Well, this is such an unusual source that I feel a few words of explanation
are in order, but first, THANK YOU to Del, Frytech, Kelly, NBD and Sj
for trusting me with the tusks for a second time!

The WW435 source is comprised of the covers of all seven issues of the comic
book titled Lloyd Llewellyn. I slapped them all together and the result was
huge, so I took a few minutes and cropped the title text and unnecessary open
space from each one and tried again. It's still pretty big :) 
The collection of small individual items in the lower right completes the
meaningful content of all seven covers; no artwork at all was excluded. 
Just moved around a bit :)

I've long been a fan of the comic books by Daniel Clowes. I'm not crazy
about everything he has done, but when he gets it right, it's a lot of fun.
Lloyd Llewellyn is one that he got right, for the most part, in my opinion.
And even when the story isn't to my taste,
his artwork is always unique and excellent.

Plus, my entry last week was a comic book entry,
so a comic book source seems about right :)

Have fun!


FINAL TALLY ( 21 votes cast ):

5 kelly ( Uncle Grumpy, MomDude, pmrunyan, SJ, NordLark )

3 Del ( NBD, Krassus, Osca )
3 NordLark ( Draconis, YL, Ozzy )
3 pmrunyan ( Frytech, Lin, Mr. Giggles )
2 YL ( Squidhere2, Leeni )
1 Draconis ( Nordlark )
1 Frytech ( Del )
1 Lin ( Burko )
1 NBD ( kelly )
1 Osca ( NV )

From WW435
From WW435

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